Pre-qualification document for financial year 2017-2018/2018-2019.

25 May 2017


Tavevo Water and Sewerage Company Ltd invites interested and eligible suppliers, contractors for registration of suppliers for supply/provision of under listed goods/services and works for financial year 2017-2018 &2018-2019.

All bidders currently engaged with us need to re-apply in line with the requirements of stipulated Registration conditions under the various categories.

1 TVO/PRQR/A/001/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery,Cartidges and Tonners  

Special group

2 TVO/PRQR/A/002/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office furniture, fittings  and Equipments(Metal filling cabinets)  


3 TVO/PRQR/A/003/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Window Blinders and Curtains Special group
4 TVO/PRQR/A/004/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Lightings, Electrical and Electro Mechanic material and Accessories Open
5 TVO/PRQR/A/005/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Pumps and Motors and Spares Open
6 TVO/PRQR/A/006/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Computers, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and other related ICT Equipments  

Special group

7 TVO/PRQR/A/007/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniforms, Protective Equipment and Promotional Materials(t-shirts, caps)  

Special group

8 TVO/PRQR/A/008/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of G.I, UPVC, PPR, HDPE Pipes and Fittings and Tools Open
9 TVO/PRQR/A/009/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Cold Water Meters Open
10 TVO/PRQR/A/010/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles, Motor Vehicle/Motor Cycles Spare Parts, Tyres , Tubes and Batteries Open
11 TVO/PRQR/A/011/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of fuel Oil and Lubricants Open
12 TVO/PRQR/A/012/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Building and Construction Materials Open
13 TVO/PRQR/A/013/2017-2018 Supply ,Delivery and Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipments Open
14 TVO/PRQR/A/014/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of  laboratory Equipments, Water Treatment  Chemicals and Reagents Open
15 TVO/PRQR/A/015/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Mobile Phone Airtime Special group
16 TVO/PRQR/A/016/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of  Newspaper, Periodicals and Legal Materials Special group
17 TVO/PRQR/A/017/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning, Sanitary Materials, Detergents and Disinfectants Special group
1 TVO/PRQR/B/001/2017-2018 Provision of Medical insurance cover(service providers) Open
2 TVO/PRQR/B/002/2017-2018 Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles Open
3 TVO/PRQR/B/003/2017-2018 Hire of Transport Service Open
4 TVO/PRQR/B/004/2017-2018 Provision for Printing Services and Promotional Materials (Banners, Business Cards, Bags Umbrellas, Diaries, Bronchure, Stickers, Booklets Etc.) Special group
5 TVO/PRQR/B/005/2017-2018 Provision of billing, Accounting and Payroll Softwares Special group
6 TVO/PRQR/B/006/2017-2018 Provision of Training and Consultants Services(must be registered by NITA) Open
7 TVO/PRQR/B/007/2017-2018 Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services and General Insurance(must be registered by IRA) Open
8 TVO/PRQR/B/008/2017-2018 Provision of Security Services Open
9 TVO/PRQR/B/009/2017-2018 Repair, Maintenance And Servicing of Water Pumps ,Generators ,Engines and Plants Open
10 TVO/PRQR/B/010/2017-2018 Repair and Servicing of Computers ,Photocopiers, Printers and Assorted Equipment Special group
11 TVO/PRQR/B/011/2017-2018 Provision of Internet Services Open
12 TVO/PRQR/B/012/2017-2018 Provision of Catering, Conference and Accommodation Facilities Open
13 TVO/PRQR/B/013/2017-2018 Provision of Courier Services Open
14 TVO/PRQR/B/014/2017-2018 Provision of Cleaning and Sanitary Services Special group
15 TVO/PRQR/B/015/2017-2018 Maintenance and Repair of Office Furniture Special group
16 TVO/PRQR/B/016/2017-2018 Provision of Civil & Electro-Mechanical Construction Works Open


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