• Pre-Qualification of Legal Services for Period 2018-2020

    29 January 2019


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    1.1        The  TAVEVO Water and Sewerage Company Ltd invites  applications  for  Pre-Qualification                 for Provision of Legal Services for the period of 2018-2020.

    1.2        The Application includes the following documents:

    Section I  – Letter of invitation

    Section II – Information to firms

                 Appendix to Tenderers information

    Section III – Pre-Qualification Submission Form

    Section IV – Confidential Pre-qualification Business Questionnaire Form

    Section V   – Statutory Declaration

    Section VI – Team Summary Form and Sample CV’s

    1.3        Completed Pre-qualification documents shall be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly                          marked with the Tender number and name addressed to:

    The Managing Director,

    TAVEVO Water and Sewerage Company Limited

    Box 6-80300

    Voi, Kenya.

                 And deposited in the tender box located at TAVEVO head office, Sofia area, off Coast Institute                    of Technology (CIT) Road in Voi, on or before February 11, 2019 at 2.00 pm.

    1.4        Upon receipt, please inform us:

    1. that you have received the letter of invitation, and
    2. whether or not you will submit a proposal for the assignment

    1.5        The application will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of Tenderers’ or their                          representatives who choose to attend at TAVEVO head office, Sofia area, off Coast Institute of                   Technology (CIT) Road in Voi boardroom.                                                                                                      1.6        TAVEVO reserves the right to accept or reject the applications.

    Any canvassing or giving of false information will lead to automatic disqualification.

    Late proposals will not be accepted.



    click here to download Pre-qualification document.

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  • Pre-qualification document for financial year 2017-2018/2018-2019.

    25 May 2017


    Tavevo Water and Sewerage Company Ltd invites interested and eligible suppliers, contractors for registration of suppliers for supply/provision of under listed goods/services and works for financial year 2017-2018 &2018-2019.

    All bidders currently engaged with us need to re-apply in line with the requirements of stipulated Registration conditions under the various categories.

    1 TVO/PRQR/A/001/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery,Cartidges and Tonners  

    Special group

    2 TVO/PRQR/A/002/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office furniture, fittings  and Equipments(Metal filling cabinets)  


    3 TVO/PRQR/A/003/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Window Blinders and Curtains Special group
    4 TVO/PRQR/A/004/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Lightings, Electrical and Electro Mechanic material and Accessories Open
    5 TVO/PRQR/A/005/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Pumps and Motors and Spares Open
    6 TVO/PRQR/A/006/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Computers, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and other related ICT Equipments  

    Special group

    7 TVO/PRQR/A/007/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniforms, Protective Equipment and Promotional Materials(t-shirts, caps)  

    Special group

    8 TVO/PRQR/A/008/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of G.I, UPVC, PPR, HDPE Pipes and Fittings and Tools Open
    9 TVO/PRQR/A/009/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Cold Water Meters Open
    10 TVO/PRQR/A/010/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles, Motor Vehicle/Motor Cycles Spare Parts, Tyres , Tubes and Batteries Open
    11 TVO/PRQR/A/011/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of fuel Oil and Lubricants Open
    12 TVO/PRQR/A/012/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Building and Construction Materials Open
    13 TVO/PRQR/A/013/2017-2018 Supply ,Delivery and Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipments Open
    14 TVO/PRQR/A/014/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of  laboratory Equipments, Water Treatment  Chemicals and Reagents Open
    15 TVO/PRQR/A/015/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Mobile Phone Airtime Special group
    16 TVO/PRQR/A/016/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of  Newspaper, Periodicals and Legal Materials Special group
    17 TVO/PRQR/A/017/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning, Sanitary Materials, Detergents and Disinfectants Special group
    1 TVO/PRQR/B/001/2017-2018 Provision of Medical insurance cover(service providers) Open
    2 TVO/PRQR/B/002/2017-2018 Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles Open
    3 TVO/PRQR/B/003/2017-2018 Hire of Transport Service Open
    4 TVO/PRQR/B/004/2017-2018 Provision for Printing Services and Promotional Materials (Banners, Business Cards, Bags Umbrellas, Diaries, Bronchure, Stickers, Booklets Etc.) Special group
    5 TVO/PRQR/B/005/2017-2018 Provision of billing, Accounting and Payroll Softwares Special group
    6 TVO/PRQR/B/006/2017-2018 Provision of Training and Consultants Services(must be registered by NITA) Open
    7 TVO/PRQR/B/007/2017-2018 Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services and General Insurance(must be registered by IRA) Open
    8 TVO/PRQR/B/008/2017-2018 Provision of Security Services Open
    9 TVO/PRQR/B/009/2017-2018 Repair, Maintenance And Servicing of Water Pumps ,Generators ,Engines and Plants Open
    10 TVO/PRQR/B/010/2017-2018 Repair and Servicing of Computers ,Photocopiers, Printers and Assorted Equipment Special group
    11 TVO/PRQR/B/011/2017-2018 Provision of Internet Services Open
    12 TVO/PRQR/B/012/2017-2018 Provision of Catering, Conference and Accommodation Facilities Open
    13 TVO/PRQR/B/013/2017-2018 Provision of Courier Services Open
    14 TVO/PRQR/B/014/2017-2018 Provision of Cleaning and Sanitary Services Special group
    15 TVO/PRQR/B/015/2017-2018 Maintenance and Repair of Office Furniture Special group
    16 TVO/PRQR/B/016/2017-2018 Provision of Civil & Electro-Mechanical Construction Works Open


    Click here to download Pre-qualification document for financial year 2017-2018/2018-2019.

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