• Taita Taveta County Trade Fare And Exhibition

    23 October 2014

    tradeshowTavevo Water and Sewerage Company Limited encourages our customers and the entire residents of Taita Taveta County to visit our stand at the trade fair and exhibition at Moi Stadium starting 27th through 31st October 2014.

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  • How to Choose the Best Method of Water Treatment

    16 September 2014

    The market is literally flooded with water treatment options. Reverse osmosis systems, loose granular activated carbon, solid carbon block filters, and distillers all promise sparkling, clean water, but how do you know which one is really best? With a little research, you can find the ideal water treatment system for you.

    Find out the source of your home’s water.
    If you are receiving water from a well on your property rather than municipally treated water, your needs will be much different.

    Is your well water treated (chlorinated) or untreated?

    Chlorination will kill all bacteria and virus — then the chlorine can be completely removed by a good whole house pre-filter and/or chlorine-removing fixtures in the bathrooms, coupled with a solid carbon block drinking water system at the kitchen tap.
    Chlorine is also inexpensive to administer and maintain; it keeps the entire water system cleaner and freer of algae, bacteria and other pipe and holding tank contaminants.
    (This is in contrast to ultraviolet (UV) radiation to kill bacteria and viruses. UV is expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and only disinfects for a short length of the pipe downstream from the light.)

    Is there dirt, turbidity, or other organic matter in your well or spring water?

    Put a good 10 to 15 micron pre-filter to remove these big chunks before they hit your house taps.
    Learn about specific water contaminants in your area.
    A lot of this information can be found out through the EPA. Also, each year your city should produce a water safety report, discussing the incidence of specific contaminants in your city’s water. However, using a filter that removes the widest range of contaminants overall guarantees that you will be protected, no matter what the contamination.
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