Tavevo’s operational Framework.

The Ministry of Water & Irrigation is responsible for policy formulation to create an enabling environment for efficient operation and growth of the sector. It sets the strategic direction and provides a long term vision for all institutions in the sector.

TAVEVO has signed a SPA with Coast Water Services Board (CWSB) as provided for by the Water Act 2002. The company’s broad mandate is to provide water and sewerage services to the residents of the Taita Taveta County and its environs. In order to fulfill her mandate, TAVEVO works closely in partnership with other institutions in the sector.Some of the institutions that partner with TAVEVO in the water sector include; Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) that exercises national regulatory powers, Coast Water Service Board (CWSB) and/or its assignee/successor and also the licensee for the board area and has signed Service Provision Agreement (SPA) with TAVEVO, Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) which has the authority to manage the catchment areas and sources of water. WARMA authorizes abstraction of water from the catchment areas and water sources. Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) mobilizes grants and cheap finances for the water companies mainly on pro-poor areas, Water Appeals Board (WAB) with mandate of dispute resolution relating to water issues.


New Connections   Processing Application form Immediate Customer care HQ/Area offices
Installation of new connections 1 – 5 days Area Offices
Production of First bill 1 Month HQ
Disconnections / Reconnections Disconnection for Non – payment of water bills 10 days after issuing water bills HQ / Area offices
Reconnection of water supply Within 24 hrs after payment HQ / Area offices
Customer queries and complains Account Balances Immediate HQ / area offices
Lack of water complaint 1 – 2 Days Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Reply to written complaint 1 – 5 days Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Reply to  fax complaint 2 days Customer Care HQ/Area offices
E – Mails Immediate Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Complaints through  telephone Immediate Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Office visit Complaints Immediate Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Refund after Termination. ******* Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Water Kiosk Application for Retailing *********** Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Water Bill Meter Reading Monthly Area Offices
Water billing Monthly HQ
Bills distribution Monthly Customer Care HQ/Area offices
Payment for services Water Mon – fri 8.00 – 5.00    Sat   8.30 –  12.30 HQ / area offices
Attendance to Leaks and Bursts Repairs Within 12 hours of report HQ / area offices
Water quality Testing Residual Chlorine Daily Area Offices
Bacteriological analysis *** Headquaters
Chemical analysis *** Headquaters
Service Reliability Water Supply 2 days in a week HQ / area offices
Water Quality KEBS / WHO Standards HQ
Update of Customers Education Media Whenever there is interruption of supply / burning issue HQ
Public Service Week Once  a Year HQ
Office hours Attendance to Customers Mon–Fri 800 – 1.00 2.00 – 5.00 HQ / area offices
Other Services Meter Relocation 1.- 3 days HQ / area offices
Meter Replacement 1.- 3 days HQ / area offices
Meter Testing 1.- 3 days HQ / area offices
Field Investigations 1.- 3 days HQ / area offices