Wise use of water

12 July 2017

Water is precious and vital to all life on our planet but there is only a limited amount of it. In Taita Taveta we are fortunate to have a plentiful supply of water and it can be difficult to understand why it is important to be careful with the water we use and to try to avoid waste. We use a great deal more water than we did in the past and our consumption is rising. Most of us don’t think about water. We all have bad habits when using water. These habits mean that we often use more water than we need to and create waste, without thinking of the impact. This is damaging to the environment and has a direct effect on our utility bills.

Water efficiency is about reducing waste and thinking about the water we all use, changing bad habits into good habits. Saving water not only helps preserve the precious and limited resource for the future, but in turn provides a variety of benefits. Everyone can save money by saving water, not just those that pay for their water by meter. Producing and treating water requires a lot of energy and results in carbon emissions, as does heating the water for your shower or bath. Therefore, saving water will reduce your carbon footprint helping the environment.

Everyone can do their bit to help protect our environment by not wasting water. Using water wisely within a community will help to achieve an environmentally sensitive place for people to live. By following the simple steps outlined in this factsheet, you will help to protect your local environment and minimize water pollution in your local water courses – key components of any sustainable community.