The Profile

Tavevo Water and Sewerage Company Ltd, was incorporated on April 7, 2006 as a private company limited by shares to give it autonomy and enable it operate commercially.  The major shareholders of the company were Municipal Council of Voi, County Council of Taita Taveta and Town Council of Taveta which now are the County of Taita Taveva.

The company is one of the WSPs in the CWSB jurisdiction and has been contracted to provide water and sewerage services in Taita Taveta County under a Service Provision Agreement.

In general terms, mandates prescribe what must or should be done under the organization’s charter and policies as well as under various laws, codes, and regulations.  Therefore, in setting the future course for an organization, mandates need to be taken into account as constraints on what can be achieved and how to achieve it.

Mandates can be expressed formally or informally through elections, community expectations, legislation, policy, procedures and budget requirements.

The mandate of TAVEVO is to provide adequate water and sanitation services in urban areas in Taita Taveta County.